Council 93 Coventry

 Brother James Bradley PGK deputising for the Chancellor, read the selected reading of the day on the feast day of Saint Teresa of Avila from Luke Ch. 22 verses 24-30.

 Brother Keith reminded members that the date of the our deceased members Mass will be on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Saint Chadís Cathedral, Birmingham at 12 noon and urged members to endeavour to attend.

 Brother Mark Harper GK reported that he in company of six brothers attended the biennial Mass at Liverpool.

 Brother Keith gave advance notice of Provincial Dinner, which will take place on Thursday 6th December 2012 but as he has not got all the details he will gather further information and pass it on later.

 Brother James McNulty our Provincial Treasurer, reminded members that the present Nation Action Project, for the Church is nearing the ending and it are imperative that we send the money to Head Office. He urged Brothers to empty the boxes and bring the money to the next meeting.

 Brother Keith said that as Christmas is approaching volunteers would be needed for the Christmas day lunch for the homeless. He said it will an honour for him to be able to help out at last Christmas and he paid a glowing tribute to Brother Jim MacCormack who for the past thirty-six (36) had been involved in the organization and assisting at the Christmas lunch