Council 262 Newcastle Staffs

In a Council of under 20 members, September/ October have been busy months. We took part in the National Quiz, and came fourth in a competition won by Liverpool.    On Sunday, 30th September, the Parish Priest at Holy Trinity said Mass for the Knight’s intention (the sacredness of Human Life and Marriage) as part of the Chain of Prayer. There were a good number of brothers present as well as wives, family members and widows of deceased members.   On the afternoon of the following Sunday, on the occasion of the Blessed Sacrament Festival, the Knights held a Rosary at the Holy Trinity joined by the CMS. This also was well attended, and thanks were passed to Bros. Dan and Peter together with Gerard Williams from the CMS, for their readings.   Quite the most significant event occurred on Friday 28th September, organised by Bro. Andrew, our Action and Youth Officer, and was a Rhythm and Blues night attended by upwards of 120 people in our Holy Trinity Assembly Rooms. The whole event was an unqualified success in every way, and raised £ 624 for the Charity “Link line”. Among those thanked for their sterling work were Bros. Emery, Withington and Keohane as well as ladies who worked so hard in the kitchen. This was an excellent example where one of our Officers spent a lot of time and effort to arrange and stage an enjoyable evening and our Council’s thanks go to Bro Andrew for his diligence. There are two, possibly three Council candidates for Full Knighthood now available, and who have made formal requests for a Ceremony to take place when it can be arranged. This would mean that all our Council members would then be full knights.  Our Chancellor, Bro. Dan reported that he had recently visited a couple of our members who are unwell, Bros. Pender and Donlon. The former was having help from a physiotherapist Bro. Byatt was thanked for his attendance at the Mass in Liverpool Cathedral, and finally, several brothers have indicated they will attend the Mass for our deceased brothers in St, Chad’s Cathedral on November 3rd.   Best wishes, Peter McColl.